Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Re-doing my labwork, and adding some new ones

I had my lab work appointment this morning for getting my cholesterol panel rechecked (since the last time we sent it in the lab wouldn't run it due to the blood vials not being labeled with my name).  So I'm getting a full cholesterol panel, along with the inflammatory markers, particle size/density, etc. 

My holistic doctor also wanted me to get my Vit D3 and homocysteine checked and, due to my high copper levels, my thyroid doctor wanted to run a Wilson's disease test.  I'm also getting my thyroid levels rechecked.  So all the tests. 

They had to draw about a pint of blood, but part way through I started feeling my arm fall asleep and slightly light headed.  I told them I had to get the lab work done today because I wouldn't be in town for the holidays.  The nurse stopped the blood draw and they got me water and found an empty room with a table I could lie down on.  After a few minutes, the nurse came in to check on me, and finished drawing the remaining vials.  I stayed on the table and asked her to send my hubby in, as he was sitting in the waiting room and had no idea what was going on.  I finally started feeling better and we prepared to leave.  My doctor came back in and went over all the tests we were doing and wished us a Merry Christmas on the way out.

Hopefully we'll have the results in a week or two.    

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Heavy Metals results and feeling super blessed!

I had a phone appointment with my holistic doctor today to go over my heavy metals lab work.  Surprisingly, my aluminum and mercury levels are lower than expected (myabe the little bit of GI Detox supplement I took got rid of some?).  Arsenic is also low, but lead is high, as is copper, manganese, and zinc.  Calcium is also on the high side, despite my significant lack of dairy aside from butter and cheese.       
I asked her about the Advanced TRS detox supplement, which has been recommended by some people on FB for those wanting to detox from vaccines.  She said I could use it if I wanted, but recommended trying to get some more information from the company first as there's not very much on their website.  She also recommended a different detox formula that she uses called ACZ Nano Zeolite, and said I'm free to look into that one as well.

She told me about low dose naltrexone for autoimmune disease healing, which sounds like something I need!  She said it helps the immune system calm down after attacking itself and might help me with my blood sugar control and thyroid balance.

She even asked me when my last vaccine was.  "I don't remember, but I know I got them as a kid.  I have been doing research on them for the past two years and am now firmly against them."
"Good, don't get any," she said. 

My heart literally leapt for joy after hearing her say that.  Doctors like her are so few and far between.  She asked if we were still planning on having kids, and I said yes, just trying to figure out finances.  She totally echoed my own sentiments on the matter, saying that we would never be financially ready and that we should trust God because He will provide.  She said to let her know when I'm pregnant and she and the other ladies in the office will be praying for us.  I am so beyond blessed to have her on my health care team.  They have been nothing but encouraging, supportive, and affirming in my choices and beyond instrumental in helping me get my health back on track.  I cannot praise Nan, Kirby, Megan, and all the others at Seasons Wellness enough.