Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Art of Successful Communication with Me

Like highway driving, communication is an art.

And there's a balance when it comes to communicating with me, as I'm sure there is with anyone you'll meet.  The trick is finding it and taking advantage of it.  I'm going to make that process easier for you by telling you which 2 points that balance lies between when it comes to me.  I'm sure you know I'm an introvert.  I'm what you call a thinker.  I spend the majority of my time thinking rather than speaking.  I don't speak unless I feel I have something to positively add to the conversation.  I don't like to speak verbally as much, either, simply because I need time to think out my responses before giving them and speaking doesn't afford for much time to craft a satisfactory answer.  I prefer to write.  I also don't like to be rushed into using words I don't mean, and writing allows me to carefully choose the flow of my sentences.

As far as finding balance, there are 2 extremes that must be recognized and avoided if you are to have a successful conversation with me.

Those 2 extremes are:
1) Don't pressure me to speak
2) Don't ignore me when I speak

Both of these extremes will result in the same outcome:  I will clam up.

If you pressure me to speak before I am ready, I will defensively shut down my brain and refuse to speak.
If you ignore me while I am speaking, I will not waste my words on closed ears.
The same can be said of interrupting me. 
It's as simple as that.

I do not like to waste my breath on words because I do not like to repeat myself.  If you do not want to pay attention to me, my unobtrusive nature will respect that and silently slip into the background.  If I feel I have nothing to add to a conversation, I will quietly slip away to a place where I can people-watch.  I have just as much (maybe even more!) fun watching people interact as they have fun interacting.

All this to say, if you really want to talk to me, show me you want to talk by listening and not pressuring me for long, deep answers on the spot.  Better yet, write to me.  I will give you my full attention.  I love to see words rather than hear them.  I am a visual person more than an audible person.

The pen is to the writer as 
the brush is to the painter.  
With each stroke flows the 
outpouring of the artist's soul.

I write - handwrite - my initial work because the pen - first and foremost - is my favorite tool.  It alone provides the means by which my soul finds creative freedom.  As the ink flows, the mental images are transferred and materialize on the paper; in essence, I give them life in a way that allows me to completely engross my passion.  Each pen stroke is a paint stroke to me; each letter, each word formed beneath my pen, is the very outpouring of my mind, my creative genius.  Each one is precious.  When the words have all flowed out, I can rest soundly knowing they have all been captured and accurately portrayed.  

I am satisfied.
                     I am pleased.
                                        I am finished.
                                                           I have written.
                                                                                I have created.  


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