Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back in business!

My complimentary sensor from Dexcom arrived today!  I put it in right away and started my sensor session.  In about 2 hours it'll be calibrated and ready to go!

  photo IMG_20150225_163409_zpsoxv5osk2.jpg

I also got a call from Edgepark.  Insurance will cover about half of the cost once I meet my deductible (or 3 boxes worth of sensors).  I scheduled one box of sensors to be shipped on Friday.  If I'd had the money I would've ordered 3 but I'll have to go one month at a time for now.  I'm just so happy to have my Dexcom working for me again!   


Also, apparently, now my thyroid levels are low.  You know what that means!  New dosage!  Down from 150mcg to 137mcg...I didn't even know it came in a dose like that!

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