Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oy vey - stress and hormones!

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Oy.  My numbers, I'll tell ya.  Oy.

Noticing the same trend - numbers lowering between noon and 6pm, elevating between 6pm and 6am...food, primarily is the culprit, but also stress and hormones.  Even with a FULL correction at 6am this morning my number still didn't go down all the way.  Not til noon did it go down with a second correction.  So that tells me that hormones and stress are definitely playing a part. 

Also, 4 glucotabs (16 grams of carbs) took me from 83 to 173.  That's a 90 point increase, or 22.5 points per glucotab.  I'll redo the experiment to see if that's accurate but it's good to know what kind of effect on my blood sugar so many glucotabs have.

My average blood sugar is sitting at a pretty 183.  That's just for the past month or so, but if I can prolong/improve that number by my next appointment in 4 weeks, I'll have an A1C of 8% or better! 

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