Thursday, April 2, 2015

Best progress made yet!

Right off the bat, I noticed that this new sensor location on my leg has been doing perfect!  It hasn't let me down, and I am quickly adjusting to it being there - although I sometimes reach down to feel it to make sure it's still okay or to keep myself from bumping it into things.  It seems to be perfectly situated out of harm's way, though. 

I'm so pleased with how well my numbers did yesterday that I just have to share.  I woke up at 93 and my numbers continued to stay constant all day!  I had very few carbs (scrambled eggs with cheese, meat rolls, chicken & broccoli, and a new carb-free coconut & almond milk drink I found at Walmart) and the few that I did have (Italian Ice, 20 grams) only brought my number up a minimal amount with a bolus.  I did notice that I dropped overnight and had to have some glucotabs this morning, but that's okay. 

 photo 4-2-15_zps0chhqyna.png Anyway, here are the numbers I've been seeing since my last appointment.  As you can see, most of them are in the 101-190 range. photo 4-2-15 range_zpsotfdj5nq.png

And here are my average, high, and low blood sugars for the past week.  I love how the Dexcom makes it easy to see the trends, averages, highs, and lows.  I love graphs and charts that make the numbers and your health care come to life.

 photo 4-2-15 Hourly Stats_zpsow76jrag.png

Today's appointment with Carrie could not have gone better, and it only lasted for 30 minutes!  Other than needing to adjust my synthroid dose back to 125mcg, there was nothing but good news!  And the best news of all? 

My A1C is down to 8.3%!!  (That means my average is sitting at a pretty 192mg/dl!) 

If you remember it was 9.5% at my last appointment in January.  It came down a whole point, and then some!  Best progress made yet! 

Once again, I'll be having my thyroid levels checked in about 6 weeks, and then I see her again the beginning of July, right before my diaversary.  I CANNOT wait for my Dr. Bernstein book to get here!!  I'm going to hit 7% in July for sure!   

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