Sunday, April 12, 2015

Switching to Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes.  Since I discovered that glucotabs have a number of unnecessary and toxic ingredients, I've been considering another fast-acting sugar source that is also available in a small, controlled amount.  Obviously, a spoonful of sugar is too variable.  I could either take too much or too little when treating a low and not know exactly how many carbs I'm using to treat said low.  Then I thought, what about sugar cubes? 

Sugar cubes are only made of sugar, but they each have a certain amount of carbs per cube - 2.3 to be exact.  So basically, 2 cubes = 1 glucotab.  As I'm in the middle of treating a low right now and I've just eaten my last glucotab, I've decided not to buy glucotabs anymore.  Sugar cubes will become my new best friend! 

 photo 4-12-15_zpsybxvbne6.jpg

Speaking of lows, for the past 6 days, my numbers have been amazing!  This past week, my average has been 130!  I had a few spikes, even overnight ones, but they quickly came back down and never went over 200!  I've also had a few lows, but they pretty much never went below 60.  I am extremely happy and excited!!

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