Friday, May 15, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment: Night 12

10:51pm:  9 units Levemir
12:15am:  113
8:29am:  127

 photo 5-15-15 experiment_zpswihjyjvy.jpg

I am thrilled - no, FLOORED - at how well my numbers stayed steady overnight!  I kept waking up during the night to check my Dexcom and a straight steady line met my eyes every time.  THAT is what I want to see on a regular basis!  I feel really good about 9 units!  It helped that I was able to keep my blood sugars steady starting at 4pm yesterday and went to bed with an awesome number!  I also gave my Levemir a little bit early to prevent the little spike I usually get when it wears off just before midnight.  That really worked well.  :)  So, if 9 is my magic number, that means I've lowered my basal by almost 31%!

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