Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiments: Nights 6 & 7

Nights 6 & 7 took a slightly different turn, and I know why for Night 7, but not for Night 6.  On both nights I took 10 units of Levemir.

Night 6 - May 4
1:05am : 123 (no correction, but I went low anyway)
8:25am: 62 (4g carbs)
8:50am: 81

 photo 5-4-15 experiement_zpsxzgr14zj.jpg

Night 7 - May 5
12:12am: 140 (1.5 unit correction)
7:12am: 60 (4g carbs)
10:18am: 91

 photo 5-5-15 experiment_zpscaoaf85z.jpg

Why did I go low on Night 6?  I don't know, but I'll have to test 10 units again tonight with a normal blood sugar and see what happens.  If I drop again, I will test 9 units.  If I don't, I will stick 10 out as my magic number.

Last night (Night 8, I guess) I went to bed at 157 (11:15pm) and did a 1.5 unit correction.  It only seemed to bring me down a few points and then I went back up from some unknown reason because when I tested this morning at 7:05am I was 154.  So I'm not sure last night counted for anything. 

In other news, the past 6 days have been amazing number-wise.  Check out my hourly stats!
 photo 5-6 hourly stats_zpsoq6ew1z3.jpg

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