Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Perfect numbers

Since trying the new Levemir injection cycle I have not seen any major rises in my blood sugar! 

The yellow line is for yesterday and the orange line is today's blood sugar trends.
 photo 6-2-15_zps0jnljbqy.jpg

Yesterday I followed this injection cycle:
12am - 7 units
8am - 7 units
4pm - 7 units

12:30am - 7 units
8am - 5 units (due to some lows overnight, I decided to try a lower dose.  I think I can go as low as 3 units based on my body weight)
At 4pm, I think I'll take another 5 units and see how it does, then try 5 units at midnight and see if I have any more lows.  Overall, I am thrilled to see my numbers staying under 140! 

 photo 6-2-15 stats_zpsgr4s0anb.jpg

My numbers have stayed between 59 and 134 the past two days, averaging in the low 90s!

Isn't that awesome!?  I love the Dexcom Studio software and how it lets me keep track of all this data!  Normally I'm not a math girl but this is the kind of math I don't mind so much! 

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