Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Sensor Site and Success

Yesterday I decided to give my legs a break from wearing Dexcom sensors and put the new sensor in my left arm (with hubby's help).  It's been doing great so far!  These are my numbers for today:
 photo 7-26-15_zpsa9llzouk.jpg

I'm also incredibly happy to see this proof of success in my Dexcom Studio software:
 photo 7-26 proof_zpshcpsyara.jpg
My target range has been changed.  I now shoot for 65-140mg/dl instead of 65-150mg/dl.  Pretty soon I'll lower it to 120 and keep it there indefinitely!  Also, I'm pretty sure this graph looked backwards almost a year ago when I first started on the Dexcom.  75% in range (lows count too)!  I'm beyond floored at how good God has been to me this year.  I could not have done any of this without Him. 

And, since I'm eligible to order a new Dexcom transmitter and receiver now, I'm in the process of getting that done. 

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