Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fewer appointments = more cost savings!

I forgot to mention in my post about my last appointment with Carrie that if my A1C drops even lower than it was last time (6.7%) that she's going to have me come for appointments every 6 months instead of every 3 months.  That will cut down on doctor appointment costs significantly (because every office visit costs us $$$).  We currently have a pretty sizable debt we have to pay off for all my appointments, but we will knock it out with Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball after we get enough money in savings.

So I've decided that during the time when I would've had a 3 month appointment with her I will use an inexpensive home A1C test (which you can get at Walmart) to see how I'm doing.  Dexcom Studio is accurate for the most part, but really only as accurate as the data that it downloads (which has its hits and misses).

Anyway, according to my DSS (Dexcom Studio Software) my average BG is sitting pretty at 118 (5.7%) so that's a whole point my A1C has reportedly come down.  I think those 6 month visits are going to happen!  Another reason why low carb is the way to go!


I'm just floored by the statistics in an article I read.  I shared it on Facebook, but here's the link to it:  

Some things that stuck out to me:
"People who have type 1 diabetes and excellent blood glucose control are statistically rare.  According to the T1D Exchange, 1.2% of type 1 diabetics in the US have a ‘normal’ HbA1c of less than 5.7%."
Carrie echoed this at my last appointment when she said, "These sorts of numbers aren't seen in Type 1s."

It is my goal to get into the "Less than 5% (really, 4%)" Club.  It is also my goal to help other diabetics do the same thing.

" is not possible to achieve normal blood sugars with large amounts of carbohydrate in the diet."  AMEN.

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