Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Overnight Basal Check

Seems like not too long ago I was doing overnight basal checks.  Truth be told, I'll always have to do basal checks to make sure I'm getting the right dose.  It's not a "one time and you're done" type of deal.

So it went pretty well.  I love love love the nice straight line I had the whole time!  My numbers were pretty beautiful, although I did have to take 2 sugar cubes to keep from going under 60, so I think that stopped the test, technically.  Anyway, it was a very informative check.

To start, I had my last meal at 5:45pm and didn't eat anything (just drank water) or bolus any Apidra after 8pm last night.  My numbers stayed pretty consistent the whole time I was fasting.

Here's the graph with fasting prior to midnight, and into the test.
 photo 11-2-3 basal_zpspaufpi8v.jpg

5:45pm - 96 (3g carbs, 2 units Apidra)
7:50pm - 85
9:10pm - 76
11pm - 86

Midnight - 79  (5 units of Levemir)
1am - 88
2am - 84
3am - 72
4am - 64
5am - 60 (took 2 sugar cubes = 4g carbs)
6am - 69
7am - no test
8am - 75  (5 units of Levemir, 1 cheesestick, go back to bed)

11:50am - 81

This graph is from Test Beginning to Test Ending, and a little bit beyond.
 photo 11-3-15 basal_zps6qaqsfkm.jpg

I'll obviously need to repeat this test 2 more times at least just to make sure but this test showed me what's really going on, at least last night.  An ever so slight decrease in those first 5 hours.

(Ignore the incorrect date at the bottom of the graphs...my Dexcom didn't reset correctly with the time change.  Ugh.) 

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