Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The past two days

My blood sugars the past two days have been pretty amazing, minus the little spikes I seem to be having around bedtime.
 photo 11-10-11-15_zpsomwixvr4.jpg

I'm trying to figure out which set of numbers I'm going to believe...My Dexcom and glucometer, or my endo's A1C test.  My Dex and glucometer are lower and seem to line up with more resources that I have.  My endo's test seems so way out there. 

Which means if I believe my Dexcom and glucometer, my A1C is not 6.0 (126 mg/dl) but 5.1 (107 mg/dl).  That's a big difference to me!  What do you think?  Which would you believe?  Should I do a home A1C test? 

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