Thursday, December 31, 2015

So far, so good

My numbers have been in range 100% of the time today.  Dex has been incredibly accurate and my finger sticks have pretty much lined up with the sensor readings.

The other night I tested something: to see if a different insulin would give me steadier after dinner blood sugars.  Typically Apidra works much faster than the protein in my meals, so I end up going low and then rebounding up much higher than I want several hours afterward.  When I gave myself Novolog I avoided the low and my blood sugars stayed much smoother until about midnight.  I then had to do a 2 unit correction, so my thought is that perhaps I needed an extra "extended bolus" for that meal. 

I am trying it again tonight with steak, to see how the Novolog does.  I seem to be dropping from a pre-dinner correction, so I'll wait it out.
  photo 12-31-15_zpsa8l5leyz.jpg

If I can keep having days like today until my next appointment, I'll have a lower A1C for sure!  Every day counts!

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