Thursday, February 25, 2016

Insurance, doctors, and tests...oh my!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get these tests done without spending an arm and a leg.  It seems the best option is to go to an in-network doctor and have them order the tests, then transfer the results to the holistic doctor who's going to oversee my care.  I called the insurance company today and had them send me a list of in-network doctors in my area, and then I called the one that I've actually seen before (a year or two ago, when I was with a different insurance company).  Seems I'm going to have to make an appointment with them because they haven't seen me in a while.  *sigh*

I'm annoyed.  Why do all the medical expenses have to occur at the beginning of the year?  Why can't medical stuff be less complicated?

I also found a new medical supplier for my Dexcom supplies.  They called my endo's office today and requested a prescription for my sensors.  

I'm going in for lab work on Monday or Tuesday for my appointment with Carrie on Thursday.  My numbers have really been improving and I'm hoping for a great A1C in the 5s!  (Well, according to Dr. B, I already am in the 5s, but I mean according to the endo's office.  That will really get their attention!)

Here's my new and improved statistics chart:

I was also selected to participate in a low carb survey!  It's really exciting!

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