Sunday, June 19, 2016

Next appointment coming up!

I've been prepping in anticipation for my next appointment this Thursday.  I've been trying to hard to keep my numbers down, but today and yesterday determined to prove difficult for me.  After dinner last night my number spiked up to 170 and today it's fighting me again in the 140s.  Arg!  My A1C is going to reflect that and I'm not happy.  I just hope it doesn't go up any higher than it was last time, although since I'm going by Dr. B's A1C chart it will still be relatively lower than my endo's.  So I can take comfort in that, but still...

My numbers have seemed to trend lower and steadier, so hopefully that will help, and I'm happy with my ability to maintain good numbers for the majority of the time.  Last night was not fun, though, as I spent most of the night fighting the highs that were determined to plague me. 
Numbers from June 15 - June 19

Anyway, I'm going in on Tuesday to get my blood work done for my labs, and then Thursday is my appointment.  I'll be seeing a different nurse practitioner than Carrie, since she's still on maternity leave.  I'm hoping this other NP will be just as nice as Carrie. 


Rick said...

My appointment is Wednesday. How about we make a pact. I will have my weight and blood sugar down and you can have yours in check on Thursday? Ok, lets both just say we are trying as hard as we can?

I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of June 20, 2016.

Rachel Payne said...

Haha, you got it! I pray your appointment goes well! :) Thank you!