Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back in Business!

My Dexcom order arrived today, which makes me thrilled!  It's just in time for our trip this weekend! 

Along with the transmitter I desperately needed, I also received 3 boxes of sensors (12 total) and a new pink receiver with Share.  I don't have an iPhone though, nor does my husband, so I don't think the Share aspect will get used when I have to switch my old receiver for my new one.  I did ask for one without Share...I wonder why they still sent it? 

Regardless, I'm happy to be back in business!  The 2 hour warm up period just started so around 6pm I'll have readings again after 11 days.  Now to start packing up everything we'll need for our trip! 


Rick said...

Dani, Dexcom there have been many rumors of Dexcom compatibility with Android phones. There have even been a few that says it works. Let's hope sooner than later.

Rachel Payne said...

Let's hope so, Rick. It would be nice for anyone who might want to follow my numbers. I intend to keep using Android for the foreseeable future.