Tuesday, November 1, 2016

National Diabetes Awareness Month 2016

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  Lots of people are doing different things to raise awareness.  I thought it would be fun to make this little chart.  
Since I usually test 10+ times a day, the number listed should actually be doubled = 74,240 finger sticks since I was dx'd with Type 1.  I have no clue how they figured out the Hours of Sleep Lost...I don't keep track of my sleep hours and didn't put anything into the page when it made this for me.  I'm sure I've lost months, maybe years, worth of sleep because of diabetes but I have no clue exactly how many.  At any rate, I hope this helps people see how much of an impact diabetes has on a person's life.  It's a rough, 24/7/365 disease that can kill quickly or slowly, depending on when it's discovered.  

I had my annual eye doctor appointment yesterday.  There were no significant changes, only slight ones in my vision.  I don't need new glasses, though, so I may just keep the ones I have.  Doctor said to keep up the good work with my numbers, which I certainly intend on doing.

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Rick said...

I did my footprint and was really surprised at the results. I may not want to keep looking at it.

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