Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspirations of Biblical Proportion

I was inspired to write this after Russell Moore's sermon on adoption this morning. September 19, 2010

Child of Darkness, Child of Light
A child of darkness, I am lost.
A slave to the devil, I've no hope.
My cries go unanswered, tears fall.
Wretched my condition; stained black, my heart is stone.
No light will touch my soul.
I'm a child of the world.
My riches will fade, my dreams will shatter.
All is for naught.

But what is that?
A hand reaches out.
A voice calls my name.
"Child, come to Me."
"Abba! Father!"
Arms envelope me, pull me from the darkness,
break my chains and clothe me in royal robes.
I am clean, I am free, I am home.
My heart is light; I am loved.
He wipes away my tears and lifts the burden of sin from my shoulders.
My riches are surely promised, my life is made new.
All my hope is in Him, the King, my Father.

I was inspired to write this after Joshua Harris's sermon on Fiery Trials. August 8, 2010

Place Me In The Furnace, Lord
Trials are not for punishment; they are for refinement. Place me in the furnace, Lord.
May my faith be tested and my ways made pure and holy for the glory of my King,
that I may be made perfect for the day I am presented as His spotless bride.

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