Saturday, February 9, 2013

6 More Weeks!

6 more weeks until our wedding!  Daniel & I are finally starting to feel the excitement rising as we rejoice that the day of which we have both been dreaming but thought would never come is actually in reach!  And things are coming together pretty well...all things considered.  :)

Ironically, (and sadly) the two groomsmen that we planned the March 24th date around are no longer able to make it to our wedding (due to finances and conflicting schedules).  Daniel has been searching for replacements and has already found one, but we still need another.  He is prayerfully considering 2 other young men to ask.

As I said, wedding planning is coming along nicely; although lately I've been feeling like a chicken with its head cut off - between wedding planning and my new job I feel like I've hardly had a chance to catch my breath!  But now that I have access to the wedding money we've received, I am able to purchase the last things we need for decorations, flowers, and accessories!  Our honeymoon details have been ironed out (we just have to book a hotel room for one night) and we are thrilled just thinking about all the wonderful things we are going to do and see!  

Other updates:
I have found someone who is willing to bake & decorate my cake as a present: Marybeth Matney.

We've also found a wedding coordinator, Deborah Banks, who will help out with some of the details that I won't be able to keep track of on the Big Day.  I am meeting with her tomorrow after church to talk about plans.

And we have a photographer, Angelica Gottberg, who offered to take our pictures as a very generous wedding present!

And tonight, I am getting together with my seamstress friend to go over the final details of my wedding dress alterations!  I'm so excited to see it and try it on!  

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