Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Insulin Pump Decision

I read a blog post/article the other day that helped me figure out what I should do about my pump decision.  The author mentioned a few things to take into consideration when deciding between a pump and injections. 

1.     The cost.  Pumps are more expensive and I don’t know how much my insurance will cover (probably only half, like with my Dexcom).

2.    Pumps can have more things go wrong than syringes can.  The battery can die; kinks and air bubbles can prevent insulin delivery; scar tissue build up will prevent insulin absorption; water damage and other malfunctions, etc. 

3.    Pumps don’t work for everyone.  The machine is only as good as its user.  Being on a pump before showed me that I wasn't a very good user.   

4.    Being connected to a pump was something I didn’t like years ago…in fact, I hated it.  The tubing would get caught on things if I wasn’t careful (and I’m clumsy, so that doesn’t help matters), the infusion site sometimes got yanked out prematurely (so annoying!), and I would sometimes drop the pump or it would fall from my hands (I fumble with things a lot).

5.    I want to see how well I do with being “connected” to the Dexcom.  Even though there’s no tubing connecting me to the receiver, I want to see how well I do with changing the transmitter site every week.  Most likely I will do well because it will be showing me patterns in my numbers and I will want to stay on top of them.  I like following numbers on charts and stuff.  Once a week is a whole lot better than every 3 days! 

Therefore, I have decided to not get a pump at this time.  I will be staying on shots.  They are working for me and I see no need to switch.  I just need to choke up on my discipline and I’ll be doing great. 

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