Monday, August 4, 2014

My Dexcom is on the way!

Today started out rough - dealing with some introvert fatigue and other minor annoyances.  I missed a call from Dexcom but called them back and left a message.  4 1/2 hours later, they called back.  I am now happy to report that...
I placed my order for a pink Dexcom G4 Platinum!  

 The rep I talked to asked how often I check my blood sugar.  I told him 5-10 times a day and he said I'd only have to test it twice with the Dexcom.  Wow, that is going to help me out even more than I thought!  It will cut down on my test strip needs!  I go through 150 of them in 15-30 days.  Now they'll last me up to 75 days!

I asked him when I would receive my Dexcom in the mail.  He said it should arrive via FedEx on Thursday!  I couldn't believe my ears!  That's just in time for my birthday!  I had been hoping that I would have it by then!  I started crying tears of joy once I got off the phone.  I'm still shaking a little from good God is!  

Thursday can't come soon enough!

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