Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Dexcom Finally Arrived!

Yesterday, my Dexcom finally arrived in the mail. It came with a box of 4 sensors, too, but the transmitter was not included in the order. It is still being processed. There was a hiccup with the insurance company and Dexcom. They thought that I had ordered 2 transmitters and so they weren't going to cover the 2nd one. However, someone misread or misunderstood and thought that that meant BOTH transmitters were Dexcom didn't send me ANY. 

I'm still waiting to hear from Dexcom about the status of the transmitter. I tried to see if the problem originated in my endo's office but I couldn't get through in time. Thankfully I am going in on Monday and Thursday next week for labs and an appointment so I'll be able to talk to them then. Sadly, until my transmitter comes, I can't start using my Dexcom. It is a pretty cool looking device though, and it's so nice to finally have it in my hands.

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