Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stay on Target

I went in for fasting labs on Monday morning.  They were quick and painless...3 tubes full of blood and I was done.   

On Wednesday, I got an email saying that my transmitter had finally been shipped...and what's more, it had already been delivered!  I ran out of the bedroom to find that it was laying on the kitchen floor in the FedEx box, which DP had brought in before he left for work.  I opened it up and praised God for its timely delivery (it had been over-nighted to me before I knew it had even been shipped!).  I would've put it on right then and there but I was delayed by a family emergency.  ;)

Today, I went in for my 3pm appointment.  After the nurse went over the usual questions and medicine doses, Carrie came in to discuss my numbers and lab work.  The first thing she pointed out was my A1C.  It had dropped a whole percentage from 11.1 to 10.1!!  I was so thrilled!  I reached my goal for August!

She then went on to say that both my HDL & LDL cholesterol levels were normal and the rest of my lab work came back normal.  Even my thyroid is where it should be!  I couldn't believe it!  Even though my A1C is still high, I found it to be a very good health report card!

She suggested that I start my Dexcom today and set my low at 70 and not to set my high alert so that I wouldn't get annoyed at it right off the bat for going off all the time.  Every week or two I'll set it 50 points lower until I get it down to about 200.  I'll be coming back in 6 weeks so they can see how my Dexcom is doing.

I told her I'd be pressing on toward my next goal...9%!!  And 7% by the year's end.  She smiled and said, "Then you can start baby-making."  Yup!   

After watching the tutorial video, I now have my Dexcom sensor and transmitter in place.  My receiver is all set up and ready for action.  At 6:45pm, I'll do my first calibration session.  Until then, I've got a yummy dinner to make in celebration of this wonderful news and God's goodness!

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