Thursday, August 7, 2014

Waiting for my birthday present

My birthday's not til tomorrow but I still consider my Dexcom an early birthday present. They never gave me a tracking number so I have no idea where it could be...I just know it's supposed to be delivered today.

I've been waiting by the door and the window in great anticipation today.  Around 3:30 I decided to check on the Dexcom website to see if I could track down the tracking number for my order.  I noticed that my order status was "prepare for shipping."  My heart sank as I realized that the reason I hadn't received a tracking number was because it hadn't shipped yet. 

I called Dexcom to see what was going on.  They informed me that my order had not been shipped yet because the insurance sent it through the quality department and they were still waiting for authorization from them to ship it to me...whatever that means. When I spoke to the Dexcom guy on Monday I was under the impression that there wouldn't be any more delays and that I'd have it in my hands today. Since that's obviously not the case I am sorely disappointed.
Why does this have to be so difficult? That's always been my question. Why are simple things made complicated unnecessarily? I know God has a purpose in all of this but it's so hard to see it.  
My numbers have been bouncing around all over the place today.  I woke up low, at 70, and now I'm waiting for the insulin I bolused to kick it back down out of the 280s.  This battle is wearing me down.

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