Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lowering my HIGH alert

 photo 9-21-14_zpsa4552201.jpg

Over the weekend I once again lowered my HIGH alert on my Dexcom G4.  It is now at 250.  I have to say, this slow introduction to the HIGH alert has helped me become even more motivated to keep my numbers under control.  I feel like I haven't been rushed but rather I've been gradually helped along in reaching my goal.  It's a nice feeling - to not be pressured or thrown head-long into an annoyingly overwhelming task.  Easing myself into things has always been my way of adjusting.  I'm so grateful that my diabetes team (especially Carrie) understands that this is a good way to start me off on the Dexcom. 

My next appointment is scheduled for October 9...a little over 2 weeks away.  I wonder what Carrie will say about my numbers.

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