Sunday, September 14, 2014

Staying on top of things

 photo 9-14-14_zpsbde5bdf7.jpg

The other day I set my HIGH alert to 300.  Next week I'll set it down to 250.  The week after that I'll set it down to 200 and leave it there.  I'm really trying to crack down on these high numbers, a little at a time.  So far, I seem to be pretty successful, and eating a low carb diet is going to help me do that.  I had to stay on top of my carb-counting yesterday while I was at a family reunion, but it ended up being pretty easy since most of the food wasn't gluten-free.

I've noticed that my numbers seem to stay pretty steady overnight if I don't eat or bolus beforehand.  This is good.

I'm currently watching my number drop - I may have counted too many carbs this morning for breakfast.  I'm down into the 70s...time to take action.

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