Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I fought for my insulin...and WON!

There are always battles worth fighting.  Battles for the sake of your healthcare are those sorts of battles.

I grew frustrated with the news I was given about coverage for Levemir and Apidra being denied.  I contacted my health insurance agent and asked if I could switch back to my old insurance company.  Since the open enrollment period was over, he said that was not possible, but he suggested contacting Catamaran, my health insurance's pharmacy, to see if Apidra and Levemir were on their formulary.

I did so, and received a very good response - they were, and they needed prior authorization from my doctor to be filled.  I contacted my Endo's office via email (since they were closed at that time) and informed them that Novolog wasn't working for me and that both Levemir and Apidra could be filled with prior authorization through Catamaran.  Then I went about my weekend as best I could with the insulin I had, and waited to hear back from them. 
Yesterday morning, as I was preparing for our flight back home, I received a call from my Endo's office telling me that Levemir had been approved for a one year period!  An hour later, they called back and said that Apidra had also been approved!  They sent a prescription in to be filled for me for both insulins!

Don't give up hope in the midst of your battles.  Fight for your have more rights than you know when it comes to such things!  Investigate every opportunity!  You never know where the answer to your prayers will appear!

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