Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why I Take Cranberry Supplements Instead Of Drinking Cranberry Juice

Diabetes affects so many different aspects of your health.  Diabetics are easily susceptible to UTIs, or urinary tract infections.  The reason for this is because diabetics have a weakened immune system to help fight the bacteria and microbes that cause UTIs.  Females are more likely than males to develop UTIs, as well.    

When it comes to keeping UTIs at bay while also effectively keeping blood sugar numbers steady, I've found a wonderful alternative to cranberry juice.

Unlike cranberry juice (pure cranberry juice without any other fruit juices added), cranberry supplements are void of carbohydrates (sugar), which will affect blood sugar levels.  This means you can take the healthy supplements you need without carb-counting, bolusing, and worrying about your blood sugar spiking
Cranberry supplements, like these, are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase.  I got a two pack of Spring Valley Cranberry with Vitamin C added (extra immunity boost!) at Walmart for $6.  I take them as symptoms arise, and also at various times during the week to keep symptoms at bay.  They are so effective I have decided to never bother with cranberry juice again. 

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