Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment, Night 1

As I've had several nights with numbers that have dropped while I sleep, I've decided to conduct some experiments with my overnight basal insulin.  Last night was my first night decreasing my dose, and I started by taking 11 units of Levemir instead of 13.  I will need to collect data for 2 more nights before I can confirm whether 11 is too much (or too little).  Here's what I collected (and the graph to go with it):

 photo 4-22-15 experiment_zpsgih0mzax.jpg
*Note:  Dexcom read 70 at 5:30am when I was really 90.

BG at 11:30pm:  115 (11 units Levemir given, slow decrease starts around 2am)
BG at 5:30am:  90 (decrease levels off and stays steady until about 9am)
BG at 6:30am:  86
BG at 9:00am:  74 (slight drop, 6g carbs, steady rise)
BG at 11:50am:  144 (13 units Levemir given, rise stops)

I'll be repeating this tonight and tomorrow night.  If 11 is too much still, I'll try 10 units.

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