Thursday, April 23, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment, Night 2

Testing 11 units of Levemir, Night 2

 photo 4-23-15 experiment_zpsou0ku85l.jpg
BG at 11:50pm:  157 (11 units of Levemir given; steady decreasing)
BG at 4:45am:  78 (6g sugar cubes.  Slight increase, then steady)
BG at 6:35am:  87
BG at 7:20am:  95 (12g - 6g sugar cubes, 6g peanut butter.  Increase resumes)
BG at 8:15am:  156
BG at 9:40am:  172 (2 unit correction)

Since following Dr. B's guidelines for normal blood sugars, and 83 being the target, I have changed my correction target from 120 to 83.  This means that for every 50 points that my blood sugar is over 83 mg/dl, I give 1 unit of Apidra. 

I have 1 more night of testing 11 units and then I'll move to 10 units because it seems 11 is still too much.

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