Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Diabetes Blog Week - I CAN

Today kicks off the 6th annual Diabetes blog week and I am thrilled to be able to jump in with my blog this year!  Today's topic is I CAN, so I'm excited to share the BIGGEST thing I never thought I'd be able to do.

I've had Type 1 Diabetes for almost 19 years and, as many of my closest relatives and friends know, I've always struggled with high blood sugars and high A1Cs.  I never thought I could ever have "normal" blood sugars - they were just impossible to reach.  I was put on a high carb, low fat diet, and my A1C stayed in the 10, 11, 12, and even 13% range for years.  My blood sugars never seemed to do what I wanted them to do, and it never made sense why they would spike and jump around no matter how much I tried to do what was right. 

After getting my Dexcom G4 Platinum in August 2014 and finally being able to see what my blood sugars were doing, I realized just how much I needed to choke up on my diabetes care.  I lacked the discipline and motivation for keeping a tight leash on my numbers, and my Dexcom gave me the eyes to see just how much I needed that motivation and discipline if I wanted to get my numbers where they needed to be.  My other ultimate motivation was good health for long life and healthy pregnancies.  So in January 2015, I really choked up on my care.  I went in search of a better way to keep my blood sugars steady - in a good range - and I found lots of other diabetics who were following a low carb, high fat diet that was recommended by Dr. Richard Bernstein.  I immediately started cutting out carbs and finally was able to buy his book, Diabetes Solution, which I am still reading through. 

Since May 2014, I have seen an amazing improvement in my A1C (my A1C has dropped from 11.1 to 8.3 in 8 months according to my endo's calculations.  Dr. B follows a slightly different chart that says I've dropped from 10.0 to 7.6), and I am thrilled to see that I CAN have normal blood sugars, and I CAN have steady blood sugars with strict discipline and motivation and encouragement from loved ones driving me.  I have just as much right to normal blood sugars as non-diabetics, so I'm NEVER going to believe the horrible lie that I can't have normal blood sugars again.

And guess what?

YOU CAN have normal blood sugars too! 


Karen said...

Wow, that is a fantastic improvement in such a short time!!! Good for you! I don't know where I'd be without my CGM - probably with a much higher A1C.

Kelley said...

Congrats on the improved A1C! My CGM definitely helped get my diabetes in check!

Rachel said...

Karen and Kelley, thank you so much! I can't stand to be without my CGM! :) So glad you both love yours, too!