Saturday, May 9, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment: Night 11

Night 11
Testing 9 units of Levemir

(I splurged a little on chocolate and marshmallows - bad Rae-Rae!)
10:08pm: 185
12:46am:  214 (9 units of Levemir, new Dexcom sensor)
2:40am:  201
9:44am:  159 (1.5 unit correction)
11:26am:  82

 photo 5-9-15 experiment_zpsmr8lmvyt.jpg

Even though my number was in the 200-160 range overnight, it looks like it barely fluctuated.  And after I gave that 1.5 unit correction, it has leveled off and stayed in my target range! 

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