Saturday, May 2, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment, Night 4

Testing 10 units of Levemir.  Verdict: Absolute Success!!

At 11:20pm last night, I went to bed with a blood sugar of 128.  I kept waking up off and on throughout the night to check my Dexcom, which showed me a lovely, steady line the whole time!  It made me so excited I could hardly sleep.  At 6am, my Dexcom read 79, so I took a sugar cube.  I probably could've left it alone, but whatever.  At 7:05am, I checked my number and it was 88.  The steady line continued, and at 10:30am I was 99.  At 12pm, I was 109.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!! 

  photo 5-1-15 experiment_zpsqrwa6wih.jpg

While there is still a miniscule drop in blood sugar, it's nothing like it was in previous tests.  On my Dexcom it looked just fine.  I'll repeat this test two more times and see if it continues to remain steady like this.  I couldn't believe it!  1 unit seems to make all the difference in the world!  Who knew?

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