Friday, May 1, 2015

Overnight Basal Experiment, Night 3

I was able to start up my basal experiments again last night, still testing 11 units of Levemir. 

I went to bed at 155 at 11:14pm,  woke up a few times during the night to check my Dexcom but didn't get any fingerstick readings.  This morning at 9:45am, I was 115.  There's definitely still a slight downward slope, meaning 11 units still seems to be too much.

 photo 4-30-15 experiment_zpsmz09e2nh.jpg

While I'm glad it brought my number down to a normal range, the point of basal insulin is to maintain a steady blood sugar level.  I want to be able to go to bed at 90 and wake up at 90.  That is the goal.  Waking up 40 points lower means I still have some tweaking to do.  So, I shall test 10 units next and see how that does.

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