Saturday, June 13, 2015

Low Carb VS. High Carb

I want this to be a vivid reminder of why high carb diets do not work for diabetics, and why I struggled for 17+ years with wild roller coaster numbers.

From 12am until 6pm (18 hours), my blood sugars stayed steady under 100.  All I ate at 10am was 3 hard boiled eggs mixed in some sour cream.  My meal bolus of 2 units covered the protein perfectly.
 photo 8ed938a0-1e60-4051-b6dd-907490546440_zpszvbsr4q5.jpg

For dinner, my husband and I celebrated the week's victories at Outback.  At 6pm, I had half a plate of cheesy fries (50g - 5 units), a house salad with tomatoes, cheese, and vinegar & oil, a 9 oz Outback Sirloin (4 units), and steamed broccoli.  I drank water throughout the whole meal.  For dessert I splurged with a mini Strawberry Milkshake (30g - 3 units).  I estimated the carbs as best I could and bolused what I thought would be enough to cover them, including the protein in my steak.  This was the result.  
 photo 6-13-15_zps0azi9oxn.jpg

I went up to almost 200 2-3 times.  It took 18 hours to come back down, even with multiple corrections.  This is why I don't do carbs anymore.

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