Saturday, August 15, 2015

Low carb to the rescue!

A few overnight lows have led me to believe that 6 units may be too much.  I went back to taking 5 units of Levemir and I think I'll just stick with that for now. 

One thing's for sure...low carb has been a lifesaver!  I've been making and testing out recipes for fat bombs and I've found a favorite - Zesty Lemon Cheesecakes!  I posted the recipe on the Fat Bombs page at the top of my blog.  They add a good amount of healthy, filling fats to my diet, which I realized were lacking.

In honor of having my Dexcom for almost a year now (coming up on the 23rd), I thought I'd celebrate with a little comparison post.  I am so blown away by how good and gracious God has been to me this past year in particular and I can't thank or praise Him enough for all the progress in blood sugar management that He has allowed me to see thanks to my Dexcom and my diet changes.  It is only by His grace that I am on track to excellent blood sugar management and it is for His glory that I continue to strive for excellence in my own health.  (I also seek to bring Him glory by learning about how He designed our bodies so that I can help others strive for better health as well.  Speaking of which, one of my nutritionist books arrived yesterday!)

So without further ado...    

These were my stats from August 2014 - mid-February 2015.  A1Cs of 10.1 in August and 9.5 in January.
   photo compare 1_zpsdioxwigh.jpg

These were my stats from mid-February 2015 - mid-August 2015.  A1Cs of 8.3 in March and 6.7 in July.
 photo compare 2_zpswvj07ao5.jpg

These are my current stats, as of today.  Average blood sugar of 114 = A1C of 5.37mg/dl.
 photo 8-15-15_zpsune1uxds.jpg

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