Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today's appointment

Today's appointment went pretty well.  I wasn't sure what to expect as far as my A1C was concerned.  Turns out it went up a little.

A1C:  5.8 (120 mg/dl)

Carrie asked how things are going, if there were any changes, etc.  All clear and good.  Lab results came back normal for everything.  She asked about my Armour dose, pointing out that my TSH is low, and explained that holistic doctors usually run it low on purpose while treating T4 and T3.  I'll ask to have my thyroid labs tested by Dr. Goodyear in January, but I trust he knows what he's doing since TSH is meaningless on its own.

She also mentioned Tresiba and said if I was interested I could try it.  It's supposed to last longer than Levemir, and I've heard good things about it from other diabetics.  But I'm not sure yet if it would be something worth trying for myself.  I'll do a little more research first; for now I'm happy with the way Levemir is working for me.

I've pretty much figured out that the protein spikes are giving me the most trouble.  I'm constantly chasing them with Apidra and going as high as 180 sometimes.  I have decided to try regular insulin as Dr. B suggests and see how that works.  It's supposed to more closely match the protein rises I see when I eat.  Protein is something for which I have to give insulin, contrary to popular belief.  This is due to gluconeogenesis, the process by which protein and some fats are broken down into glucose.  I think with some trial and error and a few tips from Dr. B's book I'll be able to nail it down.  Then hopefully I'll be able to get my A1C down to 5, or into the 4s!            

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Rick said...

I also have to chase protein so it will be interesting to know how it works out. I hope well.

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