Friday, May 26, 2017

The end of my dairy elimination diet

It's been 3 months since I started my dairy elimination diet and, this week, I've been slowly reintroducing dairy back.  I've had buttered broccoli for dinner twice already and I treated myself to 1/3 of a Lily's milk chocolate bar.  They are low carb and GRIT approved and, since I haven't been able to find Chocorite bars in stores anymore, Lily's are a good alternative. 

I also managed to finally find the unsweetened almond milk yogurt at Whole Foods!  SO HAPPY!

So far, I think I've been tolerating dairy!  No big stomach upsets!  I'll be able to make my favorite meals again, including cheesy broccoli and cheddar garlic biscuits!   


paperwritings reliable said...

Good going Rachel! It's actually good that you decided to bring dairy back in your life, after all the deficiencies associated with lack of dairy diet are not healthy at all.

Rachel Payne said...

Thanks! I haven't heard of deficiencies associated with lack of dairy...which ones do you mean?