Saturday, September 6, 2014

Really Good Day!

Today has gone exceedingly well for me.  I stayed between 200 and 86 all day.

Really good day photo reallygoodday_zpsaa7639c9.jpg

I think it had something to do with 2 factors:
1.  I have been testing the GC Control shake from Melaleuca, gifted to me by my best friend, Amanda.  :)  It has been clinically proven to improve your blood sugars and your insulin effectiveness by controlling sugar and carbohydrate cravings.  They are also full of chromium, cinnamon, and other yummy nutrients that help to stabilize your blood sugars.  I really want to get more of these shakes after this package runs out!  They are so good!!  

2.  I've been eating low carbs...I think I've literally had 30g today.  I've been eating lots of meat, veggies, and cheese, plus two GC Control shakes.  Because I haven't been eating that many carbs, my numbers have not been spiking like they normally do.  I've only had to bolus for the two shakes, and I haven't had to take any correction injections.  It's been wonderful and I've felt a lot less stressed, albeit a bit tired from all the running around I've done!

Also, I set my HIGH alert to 350 like Carrie told me to last week.   

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