Monday, January 19, 2015

Overnight Success!

The past two nights I've gone to bed with a good number (140-150) to see how my new basal insulin dose works.  13 units of Levemir seems to be just right!  The yellow boxes highlight my overnight blood sugar trends. 

 photo 1-19-152_zps3d8109d0.jpg

I feel like I've been doing better with my carb-counting too.  Sure I've had some highs after eating, but the insulin brought it right back down...and even a bit too low yesterday.  Must've bolused too much that time around.  Heehee.  If I can keep up this trend I might have my A1C down even more by my next appointment.  It's a daily fight to stay on top of things and I don't think many people realize this...but little by little I'll get there.

I've printed out a chart to help me stay focused on my goal A1C.  It's good to see how far you've come and how far you have left to go.  Here's what it looks like right now:

 photo IMG_20150119_154803_zps1479d455.jpg
May 2014 = 11.1% (272 mg/dl)
August 2014 = 10.1% (243 mg/dl)
January 2015 = 9.5% (226 mg/dl)

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