Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trying to Regain My Footing

So, I've had several overnight highs that have messed up my average, regrettably.  I'm not quite sure why some of them happened, other than possibly bad insulin.  The first night with the high, immediate spike was due to a low that I took sugar for and it skyrocketed.  Ever since then I've felt like I've been a mess and I've lost my momentum.  

 photo 1-31-15_zpsd2ne1kbf.jpg

Now that I've got some good insulin again I am going to try to kick it back into high gear and get these numbers down.  I really do need to stay on top of my carb-counting and limit the carbs I eat as much as possible.  I may be falling into the high-carb trap again...because where there are tasty snacks, I will eat them!   

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