Thursday, April 30, 2015

A weeklong delay was not fruitless

Due to a cold my husband and I caught over the weekend, I had to put a hold on my basal experiments as my blood sugars were too high and not very responsive to insulin doses.  I actually had to increase my insulin but found it out too late for it to be useful this time around.  Now that I am over the cold my numbers have returned to normal and I can continue with my experiments.  This taught me a very important lesson, however, and I'm happy to know now that I need extra insulin during such times.  Once I figure out my overnight basal during normal days, I will be able to figure out increases for odd days when things don't go as normal.

I've also been made aware of another A1C chart that is used by Dr. Richard Bernstein, and I've decided to post it here so you can see it.

If you remember, according to the A1C chart I've been using, my last A1C of 192 worked out to 8.3%.  With this chart, an A1C of 192 is just under 7.6%.

Certainly some of the values vary, and I'm still trying to figure out what I think of this chart, but for now, I'm happy that by Dr. Bernstein's standards I am doing better than I previously thought in reaching an A1C of 7% or less. 

May 2014 - Av.BG of 272 = 9.81%, not 11.1%
August 2014 - Av.BG of 243  = 9.0%, not 10.1%
January 2015 - Av. BG of 226 = 8.52%, not 9.5%
March 2015 - Av. BG of 192 = 7.56%, not 8.3%

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