Saturday, February 8, 2020

Why We Won't Vaccinate

I have been researching vaccines for 3 years now and I would like this post to be an encouragement to those of you who are wondering if your opinion can really make a difference.  In such a confusing and broken world, it sometimes seems like our little drop in the ocean doesn’t really mean much.  But a light in the darkness always shines brighter than having no light at all.  And when hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of lights all come together, the darkness doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m Rachel and I have the homozygous 1298 MTHFR gene mutation and 3 autoimmune diseases.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a month shy of my 9th birthday, in 1996.  I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Celiac disease.  My siblings and I were vaccinated according to the schedule, but as my mom went on to have more kids (8 in total, of which I’m the oldest) she began to question vaccines along the way.  In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s paper was published and my mom got wind of it.  My aunt also planted a seed in her mind about the possible connection between diabetes and the MMR vaccine.  My mom opted to not give the MMR to one of my little sisters due to my diabetes diagnosis.  My other younger siblings also received fewer vaccines than the 4 older kids.  The pediatrician that we had been seeing since I was born gave her grief for her choice not to vaccinate, saying she was a horrible mother.  She left the practice and never looked back.  

When I got married almost 7 years ago, I realized the method I’d been taught about treating my diabetes with a high carb diet and industrial amounts of insulin wasn’t working and decided to take back my health and pursue better blood sugar control for the sake of my future children.  That led me to finding Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, a low carb diabetic doctor, and The Life Training Institute, a Christian health program that trains people to pursue holistic healthcare according to biblical principles.  In that program, I came across two paragraphs on vaccines, including a section by Sherri Tenpenny.

From there, I went on to hear about the Truth about Vaccines docu-series, which changed my whole understanding about just how awful vaccines are and the corruption that’s working behind the scenes to force them on us.  I found several Christian articles and blog posts on the topic of how they go against my faith as a Christian.  A whole new world opened up for me and I was so surprised that I had only heard a few people talking about it.  But those few people were instrumental drops in the ocean that made a ripple that reached me.

Now I’ve shown my husband The Truth about Vaccines and his mind is being opened to the dangers, risks, and corruption.  He was fine with them before, but he’s also a logical, analytical type, and he’s appalled by what he’s learning and can’t agree with injecting me or our kids with anything that hasn’t been proven safe.  He is disgusted by the ingredients that are used, and we both can’t stand the fact that babies are being sacrificed on the altar of allopathic medicine. 

I am also blessed to have a Christian holistic doctor in my area that expressly told me to not get any vaccines.  The fact that I received vaccines as a kid, have the MTHFR gene mutation, and now have 3 autoimmune diseases just adds up in my mind.  MTHFR loaded the gun and vaccines pulled the trigger.  Thankfully, my doctor is helping me heal and detox from the damage that’s been done.

I plan to protect my kids from vaccines and I pray that you do too.  Please don’t ever think that your opinion can’t change someone’s mind.  It may be just the thing that does.  Wives, you have no idea how influential your opinion can be to your husband.  Husbands are called to live in understanding with their wives and love them as they love their own bodies.  Tell your husband there is something that is weighing heavily on your mind and you need him to hear you out and investigate the risks of vaccines.  You may be the only one who can influence him, so don’t underestimate yourself.  Above all, pray that God will open his heart and mind to hear you and your concerns, and change his heart so that it softens towards you.  He cannot be an effective leader of the home if he does not have all the facts from both sides, and researching the risks is absolutely essential in making an informed decision.  This is how I got my husband’s attention, even though vaccines are a topic of which he is not interested or fond.

Vaccines go against our faith in Christ.
They contain aborted fetal cells, foreign blood and DNA, heavy metals, carcinogens, mutagens, allergens, and other ingredients that are not good for the body and are contaminated in their production process. We do not believe in injecting any of these substances into our bodies. We do not believe in making what is clean “unclean” by vaccinating with ingredients that desecrate the body. We believe that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to care for our bodies in a way that brings glory and honor to God. Injecting unwholesome ingredients clearly goes against this belief. We believe that God made our bodies fearfully and wonderfully, and there is nothing we need to do to “improve” on His original design. We believe in strengthening and caring for our bodies naturally without synthetic and chemical drugs.

I am a high risk individual.
My husband has one copy of the 677 MTHFR gene mutation and one of the 1298 mutations.  I have a homozygous 1298 MTHFR mutation and 3 autoimmune diseases. This means that we cannot detox very well and are prone to injury from drugs, heavy metals, and toxins. In fact, my autoimmune diseases are vaccine injuries, and they were triggered by the gene mutation after receiving my childhood vaccines.
Who is "susceptible" [to vaccine-induced autoimmunity/injury] is the subject of the paper entitled, "Predicting post-vaccination autoimmunity: Who might be at risk?" It lists four categories of people:
1. those who have had a previous autoimmune reaction to a vaccine,
2. anyone with a medical history of autoimmunity,
3. patients with a history of allergic reactions,
4. anyone at high risk of developing autoimmune disease, including anyone with a family history of autoimmunity, presence of auto-antibodies which are detectable by blood tests and other factors including low vitamin D and smoking.

MTHFR mutations are linked to vaccine injury risk. "The toxins in the vaccine excipient ingredients need to be detoxed back out. They cause oxidative stress in the body because they slow down methylation. Then if a child takes Tylenol it lowers glutathione even more which a person needs to detox. This is why people with MTHFR [mutations] have an issue with shots and tend to be sensitive to medicine. They have trouble making glutathione from lower levels of folate and B complex so their methylation is slower. If methylation is slower immune function is compromised. Methylation literally rules everything in a person's body, whether MTHFR is present or not. Every cell methylates every second. Vaccines hinder that. NIH said to Congress on CSPAN that those with methylation issues are at greater risk for severe vaccine injury."

Vaccines are not safety tested.
They are considered biologics and are not run through the same rigorous trials as drugs. A “vaccinated vs. unvaccinated” study has never been conducted. No one has ever done a double-blind placebo controlled study on single or multiple-dose vaccines given at the same time. The current CDC schedule has never been tested as a whole. Vaccines are tested against adjuvants (or other vaccine ingredients) such as aluminum, first. They are added to the schedule after only a few days of follow-up. Then those vaccines that have been deemed “safe” are used to test against new vaccines.
“Vaccines are a type of ‘unavoidably unsafe’ product; that is, a vaccine is a product that is incapable of being made safe for its intended and ordinary use.” US SUPREME COURT

Vaccine manufacturers have immunity from legal litigation.

They cannot be sued for damages if a vaccine injures or kills someone. “The Court in Bruesewitz notes that NCVIA (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) expressly eliminates liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects:

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” 42 U.S.C.A. § 300aa-22(1).

And so, the Court engages in bottom-up thinking, reasoning backwards from its desired outcome. The Court takes as true the premise that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”

Vaccines are founded on false science.

The Germ Theory by Louis Pasteur “is the basis of the whole [allopathic] medical model of disease and healing. At the end of his life, Pasteur admitted that his theory was a fraud.” It is, in fact, the Terrain Theory that has been proven to be scientifically sound. This theory states that it is the condition/quality of the terrain in which the germ (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.) is found that determines the health of the host.

“Most of the germs which enter our bodies from the outside are quickly killed by the immune system. But it is the microorganisms which live permanently in our bodies that cause us to get sick. And they cause sickness because we provide them with a rich growth medium so that they can mutate and transform themselves into deadly bacteria, fungus, and viruses. So you see, whether or not we get sick and die has very little to do with what germ we catch, but has everything to do with whether we keep our bodies free of the dead matter which these germs feed on.”

“Dr. Alec Burton writes, "DO GERMS CAUSE DISEASE? Or could it be the other way around...first, the disease, then the germs. Natural Hygiene contends that germs do not cause disease. They are not the originators. Most diseases occur when people allow themselves to become enervated, that is, low in nerve energy. As a consequence, the organs of excretion fail to function normally and waste material accumulates in the body. When this waste continues to build up, exceeding the body's toleration point, a crisis arises. The body, to offset this overabundance of poisonous matter, begins to react. The result of this reaction is sometimes a cold, the flu, pneumonia, or some such, depending on the individual. At this crisis point of elimination, germs may or may not be present. They are sure to come later, not to attack, but to assist in the cleanup or cleansing process."

Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes, "Hygienists object to the germ theory of disease because germs do not cause disease. They may be present in disease processes, and they may complicate a disease with their waste products which can be very toxic at times, but the germ or virus alone is never the sole cause of disease."” (A Faulty Medical Model: The Germ Theory)

By vaccinating against the germ we think causes the illness (for example, measles virus) we are admitting that we are buying into the false science that the measles virus causes measles when, in reality, a person may be exposed to the virus and never contract the illness. This is especially true if they were exposed in the past and developed natural immunity to it.  With a strong immune system and a terrain that prevents the illness from finding nutrition, we prevent the infection or effectively fight it off.

Immunity can never be achieved through vaccination.
“Since vaccines are given by injection, they bypass the normal immune pathway and therefore do not trigger the cellular immune system (TH1), which science shows to be the main component necessary to create immunity.”

“Herd immunity can only come from naturally caught illnesses — NOT from vaccines. Some people may be old enough to remember that just 20 years ago, measles and chickenpox were benign illnesses that, for centuries, were a rite of passage for children.

Herd immunity is only proven in groups where the population was exposed to an illness through the natural immune pathway and has NEVER been proven to exist within vaccinated populations.

Plus, as vaccine inserts clearly state: not all people vaccinated develop an antibody response, which as we now know is not immunity anyway. Therefore the idea of herd immunity through vaccination is pure theory and myth.

Just because it’s contagious doesn't mean it’s deadly. In fact, a lot of research (studies here) shows a health benefit of these typical childhood illnesses — like reducing cancer risk, lowering risk of heart disease and reducing dementia risk.

Vaccines create temporal (short-term) antibodies ONLY. This is the sole requirement from the FDA in order to get approval to sell the vaccine. If you read the vaccine product insert written by the pharmaceutical company that creates the vaccine, it clearly states the increase in temporal antibodies as the basis for proof the vaccine works.

It also gives the percentage of people that had an increase in antibodies after the vaccination. Sometimes this number is quite low in the 50% range, defying any real herd immunity protection theory.

But science has long known that antibodies alone do NOT create real immunity. Some people with high levels of antibodies can be exposed to an illness and still get sick, while others without antibodies can be exposed and not get sick. Dr. Merrill Chase, nicknamed the Grandfather of Immunology for his pioneering work, did clear-cut research on this issue back in the 1950s. His results are clear: antibody levels don’t determine immunity.” (Vaccines and Immunity: What Does The Real Science Show?)

Vaccines cannot offer lifelong immunity (which is why boosters are given) and do not work on everyone (some people have no immunity of any kind after vaccination). Vaccines bypass the body’s normal immune system (through inhalation) and work by suppressing the TH1 branch of your immune system (which is responsible for defending against cellular viruses, bacteria, yeast, and cancer) and overstimulating your TH2 branch (which responds to toxins, allergens, normal bacteria, and parasites). This causes an imbalance in the immune system, modifying the reactivity of the system toward TH2 dominance, resulting in autoimmune disorders and susceptibility to catching more illnesses.

Monday, February 3, 2020

My latest appointment and the results

On Wednesday, Jan 29, I had my appointment with my thyroid doctor to go over the cholesterol panel, as well as the thyroid results.  She was over all impressed with everything.  Homocysteine was perfect.  Vit D was high (126) so she said to cut it in half.  My serum copper was in range.  Kidneys and liver are healthy.   

Even though my TSH is suppressed, my other thyroid levels are all normal.  We decided to not adjust my Armour dose. 

My cholesterol looks pretty good for the most part.  My CRP came back slightly high, but I have started taking my fish oil and other anti-inflammatory supplements again along with my detox regimen.

ACZ Nano Zeolite spray
GI Detox
Methyl Protect
Nordic Naturals fish oil
(I also want to get my Curcuplex, which is turmeric/curcumin)

I've not been impressed with any mentions of statins, and I've told her I'm not on birth control and statins didn't work well for me in the past.  For now, I'll stick with what I'm doing. 

She did comment that I'm the healthiest Type 1 she's ever treated for anything.  Even though my numbers haven't been well-controlled for all my life, she said most diabetics are never well-controlled.  I do still need to get my A1C down. 

I've also talked to my holistic doctor about the low dose naltrexone she recommended.  She's going to order me some from her compounding pharmacy.  It's supposed to help the body heal from autoimmune attacks, especially thyroid diseases.  So I'm going to give it a try and see how it works.

We are also getting Hubby tested for the MTHFR gene mutation.  Stay tuned...   

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Re-doing my labwork, and adding some new ones

I had my lab work appointment this morning for getting my cholesterol panel rechecked (since the last time we sent it in the lab wouldn't run it due to the blood vials not being labeled with my name).  So I'm getting a full cholesterol panel, along with the inflammatory markers, particle size/density, etc. 

My holistic doctor also wanted me to get my Vit D3 and homocysteine checked and, due to my high copper levels, my thyroid doctor wanted to run a Wilson's disease test.  I'm also getting my thyroid levels rechecked.  So all the tests. 

They had to draw about a pint of blood, but part way through I started feeling my arm fall asleep and slightly light headed.  I told them I had to get the lab work done today because I wouldn't be in town for the holidays.  The nurse stopped the blood draw and they got me water and found an empty room with a table I could lie down on.  After a few minutes, the nurse came in to check on me, and finished drawing the remaining vials.  I stayed on the table and asked her to send my hubby in, as he was sitting in the waiting room and had no idea what was going on.  I finally started feeling better and we prepared to leave.  My doctor came back in and went over all the tests we were doing and wished us a Merry Christmas on the way out.

Hopefully we'll have the results in a week or two.    

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Heavy Metals results and feeling super blessed!

I had a phone appointment with my holistic doctor today to go over my heavy metals lab work.  Surprisingly, my aluminum and mercury levels are lower than expected (myabe the little bit of GI Detox supplement I took got rid of some?).  Arsenic is also low, but lead is high, as is copper, manganese, and zinc.  Calcium is also on the high side, despite my significant lack of dairy aside from butter and cheese.       
I asked her about the Advanced TRS detox supplement, which has been recommended by some people on FB for those wanting to detox from vaccines.  She said I could use it if I wanted, but recommended trying to get some more information from the company first as there's not very much on their website.  She also recommended a different detox formula that she uses called ACZ Nano Zeolite, and said I'm free to look into that one as well.

She told me about low dose naltrexone for autoimmune disease healing, which sounds like something I need!  She said it helps the immune system calm down after attacking itself and might help me with my blood sugar control and thyroid balance.

She even asked me when my last vaccine was.  "I don't remember, but I know I got them as a kid.  I have been doing research on them for the past two years and am now firmly against them."
"Good, don't get any," she said. 

My heart literally leapt for joy after hearing her say that.  Doctors like her are so few and far between.  She asked if we were still planning on having kids, and I said yes, just trying to figure out finances.  She totally echoed my own sentiments on the matter, saying that we would never be financially ready and that we should trust God because He will provide.  She said to let her know when I'm pregnant and she and the other ladies in the office will be praying for us.  I am so beyond blessed to have her on my health care team.  They have been nothing but encouraging, supportive, and affirming in my choices and beyond instrumental in helping me get my health back on track.  I cannot praise Nan, Kirby, Megan, and all the others at Seasons Wellness enough.   

Thursday, October 24, 2019

October Appointment

This will be quick and short because it's almost time for bed.  I had my appointment with Carrie today and my A1C came back at 7.6 (endo) / 7.0 (Dr. B).  That's a 171 mg/dl average bg.  So higher than in June.

My thyroid doctor is running a full (and I mean FULL) cholesterol panel with all the bells and whistles (particle size, inflammatory markers, etc.) and I told her I want a calcium score done.  My cholesterol did come back lower at my endo's which is something that made her happy, though I'm still not convinced lower is better.  So I'll hold my judgement until the full panel comes back.

My holistic doctor also sent me the heavy metal test I'm going to do to see how much crap is in my system.  I'll probably do it on Saturday since it's easier to do the urine collection at home (and not at work).  So here's to collecting data! 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Last night's low scare

Thankfully, scary, crazy things don't happen to me very often.  Last night was a poignant reminder to both me and my hubby that the daily fight for my life with diabetes is real.

Even though many people in this world have to bear the temporary burden of living with diabetes, not many non-diabetics truly appreciate or understand what their diabetic companions have to deal with on a daily basis...just to stay alive.  That's usually the case with things in general - unless something hits you on a personal level, you don't have any sort of idea what it's like for someone else.  Experience makes you wiser.

Last night, at 11:43pm, I was getting my number and preparing to go to sleep for the night.  My glucometer read 182, while Dex read 167.  Because Dex is notoriously likely to be off from my actual number, I opted to trust my glucometer and treated my blood sugar with the usual 2 unit correction via IM.  The insulin usually starts working within 5-10 minutes, and stays in my system for no more than 2 hours.  I set my alarm to wake me at 2am so I could see how well it had worked and then took my Levemir shot of 8 units.  It bled ever so slightly, which is rare, but it didn't really bother me.  As I readied myself for sleep (I think I read a quick chapter in my book?), I started to feel a shaking sensation. 

I checked Dex, and he showed a steeper than expected BG line trending down at a fast rate.  At 12:13am, I checked my number again.  Glucometer said 129, Dex said 128 with arrows pointing down.  I did a quick calculation and scarfed down 4 glucotabs.  I started shaking more.  I told my hubby what was going on. 

Why was it going down so fast?  It had only been half an hour and I was 53 points lower.  My shot was supposed to take me down to 83, so I was half way to my target after only 30 minutes.  That was too fast.  

12:19am, glucometer said I was 110.  Dex said 116.  Still dropping.  I had another glucotab.
12:25am, glucometer said I was 95.  Dex said 104.  Still dropping.  I panicked and told my hubby I was scared.  It was still dropping and I wanted to call 911 to have them here in case I passed out.  I explained the situation to the dispatcher and they sent someone over right away.  I was shaking while I waited and gulped down some raspberries.  My number went to 87 at 12:35am.

I think an ambulance and a fire truck arrived, but they sent the fire truck back and had 2 of the 5-6 paramedics who came stay.  They checked my number with their meter and it read 88.  They took my blood pressure and pulse too - both normal.  I explained that if I stabilized I wouldn't need to hop a ride to the ER.  I just needed to wait out the insulin activity time frame. 

Hubby brought in some sweetened almond milk (which had been bought accidentally instead of my usual unsweetened kind) since I didn't have the juice or peanut butter they said I should use.  (I told them I don't drink sugary stuff because I'm sensitive to it, and that I use glucotabs for lows.) 

Dex started showing my number leveling out and the dropping trend ceased.
Finally, at 12:54, my reading came back at 120.  Dex was pointing with arrows up.
I thanked them for being there and finally started calming down. 
Now I'm dealing with the rebound high that's been lingering all day.  I didn't sleep well last night after they left but managed to get through work without too much difficulty, then had a nice 2 hour nap upon getting home.  I may have overreacted in this situation, and I truly don't know for sure why my correction acted this way when usually it's a lot more gradual.  But I'm grateful that things didn't get worse, and that I was able to stabilize myself with out any emergency room visits.        

Thursday, September 5, 2019


So before I was told I was homozygous for 1298 I was prescribed Cipro for a kidney infection by a doctor who was not very happy with me. I told her I wanted a certain antibiotic, which had been successful in treating my last kidney infection, but she wrote it for Cipro instead. 

I have 3 autoimmune diseases (Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto's, and Celiac) and have since learned that fluoride is not good for anyone, especially those with thyroid issues. I took the Cipro for 3 days and starting having panic attacks. I would struggle to sleep at night, waking up sweating and with thoughts of doom preventing me from falling back asleep. I would shake horribly and cry, needing my husband to hold me and ground me so I could rest easy. I thought I was having a heart attack.  I stopped taking it after 3 days and called the office that prescribed it to me, and talked to a friend who worked there who could write me a different prescription. 

I then went on to find a naturopathic doctor who could help me recover from the panic attacks. She prescribed me with L-theanine, boswellia, curcumin, fish oil, Vit D & K, and several other anti-inflammatory supplements along with a natural thyroid medication because my levels were all out of whack. 

Turns out I was floxed, the term used to describe patients who have been poisoned by fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro. I now wonder if my MTHFR gene mutation made this possible, as it seems like it also caused the childhood vaccines I received to compromise my immune system. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they are all linked. Our bodies are so intricately woven there's really nothing that isn't connected.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Save T-Bone's leg!

We are trying to make this reach as many people as possible. My sister rescued her dog, T-Bone, from an abusive situation.  He weighed almost less than half his normal healthy weight. Now he's fighting for his life again after a driver hit him and ran, leaving him with a broken leg.  Please help us and my sister as she is working a minimum wage job and can't afford all the vet costs that are looming over her! This poor puppy deserves a fighting chance!  Here is our fundraiser link: Save T-Bone's leg!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Thyroid results from Low Carb Doctor

My thyroid specialist, Jackie, emailed me my thyroid results this morning. 
TSH is 0.047 uIU/mL     (0.450-4.500)
Free T4  0.85 ng/dL       (0.82-1.77)
Free T3  3.1 pg/mL        (2.0-4.4)
Reverse T3  14.4 ng/dL    (9.2-24.1)
Thyroid peroxidase Ab  24 IU/mL    (0-34)

I'm pretty happy with those numbers so I think I'll be staying on my current dose of 120 mg/day.  

Sunday, June 30, 2019

A1C comparison - Dr. B vs. Endo

I thought it would be interesting to re-compare (because I'm sure I've done this in the past) my A1C using the formula Dr. Bernstein (Dr. B) uses and the one my endo's office uses.

Dr.  B's A1C Chart

My A1C using Dr. B's chart:
Dr. B's A1C Values
Endo A1C chart

My A1C using my endo's chart:
Endo's A1C Values

Same line and same average blood sugar values, different A1C value.  Hmmm...
Technically, my A1C would be lower with Dr. B's chart.  That definitely makes me feel better.  Why can't we all agree to use the same chart?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New receiver and appointment time

On Saturday I got my new receiver in the mail.  I compared it to my old one for about a day and it seemed to be spot on.  New one got the purple shinies put on it.  Old one has the pink.

Today I had my appointment with Carrie. 

A1C went up to 7.2%...ugh. 
TSH is low again at 0.117.  I'll have to tell Jackie this before my next lab appointment with her in early July. 
Cholesterol...don't even get me started.  Surprisingly it came back lower than Jackie's lab.  Hmm.  But Carrie tried to push oats, of all things.  Nope nope nope.  I'll keep taking my fish oil, eat more salmon, and work on my thyroid and blood sugars. 

I told her I am noticing a feet-on-the-floor rise in the morning, unless that's the Levemir wearing off as normal.  I'm also seeing a rise in the afternoon right before my 4pm Levemir shot.  I told her I'd do some basal testing.  Maybe I need R in the afternoon with lunch to help with that, or I need to space out my Levemir more?  I don't know.  That's what I've got to figure out.  She seemed okay with that, knowing that I'm comfortable with Levemir and how it works. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New Dexcom Receiver - Ordered!

For the past few months my Dexcom Receiver has been giving me error messages, doing system checks constantly, and frankly driving me insane.  I finally got a hold of tech support and they said the receiver is out of warranty and that I'll have to order a new one. 

After trying to figure out if I needed to have my doctor submit a new RX for it or not, I ended up calling Byram (my new medical supply company) and just placing the order myself.  It will go through insurance and I should hopefully have it soon.  Maybe a week?  Depends.  But as long as I can keep my old one running until then I should be good. 

Perhaps I'll upgrade to the G5 later in the future but for now I'm sticking with the G4. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thyroid values with LC PCP

Lab work results from low carb PCP. TSH is 10, up from 0.16 in April. Still on the same dose - 90mg/day of Armour. She increased it to 120mg and wants to retest in a month to see if we over shot it. Looking back at my past thyroid labs, I seem to shoot up in the summer months - 48, 95 for TSH the past two years.

Cholesterol - I told her I'm not worried but would be interested in a particle size test. I told her no statins - they raise my BG, give me muscle weakness, and I'm not on birth control. She asked what Dr. B would say about my cholesterol. 

Had to argue with her about my 7% A1C - she said it was good, I said No, it's double normal. She asked what I meant. I told her 4.5 was normal and that under 5.5 was my goal. She tried to tell me it was too dangerous, but I told her 40 to 400 is too dangerous. I want to be 80-120. I told her Dr. B has been Type 1 with an A1C of 4.5 for decades and that she should check his book, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Hopefully she will, but I really just need her to help with thyroid and write insulin rxs for me since I'm dumping my endo.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Answered Prayers

I know I missed a post last week, but this week's post is going to make up for it, I promise.

Many of you know about my race to find a new thyroid doctor since my holistic NP decided my thyroid levels were too erratic for her to figure out.  I went to and found a low carb doctor in my area, contacted him April 22 and explained my situation, and made an appointment to see him May 1.

May 1st came and I took time off from work to go to the appointment.  Dr. McColl was very nice, very happy to hear I was already low carb and looking for a supportive doctor.  After an hour long consultation with him, he said he thought my biggest issue was my thyroid, since I wasn't happy with my endo's care and my holistic NP was dropping me.  I confirmed that yes, that was my biggest worry right now.  He said I was probably going to want to talk to the thyroid specialist they have at their other location, which is actually down the road from where I live.  I totally agreed and I made an appointment to see!

Dr. Hone is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met in the healthcare industry, and she was more than happy to talk to me about thyroid options, all sorts of food tolerance and thyroid testing, Celiac, Type 1, and medications we can try.  She was perfectly fine with keeping me on my current dose for now until we can establish a baseline test so she can see what their labs say about my levels (since they use a different lab than my holistic doctor uses).  I was thrilled to hear that she is even willing to prescribe me insulin since I self-manage and don't use a pump.  She said it doesn't sound like my endo is doing anything that she couldn't do for me, so I can basically drop my endo!!  I was ecstatic!  Dr. Hone also couldn't believe how doctors don't have their diabetic patients on a low carb diet. She was completely fascinated by the law of small numbers and Dr. B, which I explained to her.

I'll be coming in for lab work on May 21 and have an appointment with her to discuss treatment and such June 5.  I am BEYOND THRILLED with how the Lord has worked all of these pieces for me, especially when I thought things were going downhill.  He really was just closing one door to open up a better one!  Lord willing we will have things figured out and smoothed out this year and into next.

One step backward, two steps forward!

Also, just took a home A1C test:

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Out with the old, In with the new!

On Monday the 22nd, I got a call from the nurse at my holistic doctor's office.  She sounded rushed and frantic, and explained that my thyroid levels were so erratic that my nurse practitioner was no longer going to help me treat my Hashimoto's.

That upset me since it felt like I was losing the only shred of support I have and she said I should let my endo treat me.  Seeing as how my endo wants to not suppress my thyroid and probably put me back on Levothyroxine, I opted to search for a new doctor.

I turned to my diabetic Facebook groups and then received a call from my mom, who suggested the Diet Doctor, Jason Fung.  I searched his website and found a list of low carb doctors.  Only one was listed in TN close to me, so I checked out their website.  I sent him an email right away, and got a nice, lengthy response in half an hour!  Long story short, he's a keto follower himself and said he'd do all the thyroid tests I wanted.  I've got an appointment set up for next Wednesday to see if he'd be a good fit!

What I find interesting is that his practice is unique in that they bill their patients with a monthly membership, instead of running things through insurance.  The cost is low and allows for him to give personalized attention to each member even outside of office hours.  Hopefully he'll be able to help me get my thyroid levels normalized and my blood sugars stabilized so I can get my A1C down.  One step at a time, right? 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Progress report

So I've been doing physical therapy for my back pain since January, and on Monday I will be discharged after my last appointment!  My back is feeling so much better and I'm going to continue to build up my core strength with the exercise program they give me.  Hopefully I'll also be able to get myself a bow and some arrows so I can take up archery again!

On Tuesday I went in to my holistic doctor to get my thyroid labs retested.  It should be sometime next week that I get the results back.  My dose was cut from 120 mg to 90 mg per day.  Wonder how that's been working?

My numbers have been cooperating for the most part.  A few highs every now and then, but I'm trying my best to stay on top of them.  Estimated A1C seems to be about 6.6%.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I wasn't expecting that!

I don't even know how this is possible, but my A1C came down! 
That's right, in just a month it dropped from 7.3 to 6.7!  Don't ask me how because I have no clue, but I must be doing something right!

I of course had to explain why I didn't want Tresiba, or a pump, or blah blah blah.  I am probably going to need a new Dexcom (G5?) once my receiver dies.  But I don't need all the bells and whistles and all the issues that come with medical devices that deliver insulin when syringes do the job just fine. 

I am going to get some R and start using that to help cover my food so I have some smoother lines.  That's my next goal...ironing everything out.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Thyroid labs and another diabetes appointment coming up

It's been a little while since my last entry and I've been busy with work, PT twice a week, video games, and running a household.  I got my thyroid labs back today with a new prescription change.

Apparently, my Free T3 is too high so we're cutting my dose back to 90mg a day...hopefully that will help.  Also, my Antibody levels have come down some more!  Yay!  (remember how they were 610 when I was diagnosed?)
DateLabTSHFree T3Free T4Reverse T3TPO AntibodiesRX
February 11, 2019Seasons0.015.11.3
Armour 90mg/day
December 15, 2018Seasons0.0220.916.933
Armour 60mg twice a day

I have an appointment with Carrie on Wednesday, but I'm not expecting it to go well.  MySugr has my estimated A1C at 6.9% (it dipped down to 6.8 for a day and then went back up).  They're averaging about 150.  I'm just struggling to get my numbers down.  I am NOT trying Tresiba, and I'm about ready to try a different NP. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Physical Therapy and Lower Blood Sugars

Before we came home from our Christmas holiday, my blood sugars started lowering.  I decreased my Levemir shot from 7 units at midnight to 5 units, and went to bed with a BG of about 120.  Around 4 or 5 in the morning, I woke up at 68 and had a glucotab.  BG went back to normal of 85.  I've since lowered it to 4 units and my numbers have been beautiful. 

I'm so glad I didn't try Tresiba...and THIS is exactly why I don't want to use it.  My BG has been known to do this before and being able to change my dose on a whim is what I need.

My doctor refilled my Levemir for me and I got it filled in MD.  I've had to fight for my insulin before but being rejected right before a big trip is not okay.  I'm looking for a new doctor but I haven't had any luck yet.

I had my first physical therapy appointment on Monday.  It went well, despite my head cold (also why I am home from work today...I am not feeling well).  The physical therapist was very knowledgeable and after a few tests to see where the pain is, what my strength is like, and what I can tolerate, he informed me that my core is weak, but especially my left side is weak.  He gave me some exercises to do, both new and old, that will help me strengthen not only my abs but also my glutes, hips, hamstrings (because I get shaky/weak in the legs sometimes and my hamstrings are weak) and back muscles.  The core is responsible for supporting the back and that is what I need to improve to help my back pain.  I will be seeing them twice a week this month, starting on Monday after work.      

Friday, December 28, 2018

Things are finally going the right way

Today I got 3 major health things done:
1.  My Levemir prescription was transferred from home and ready for pickup at Walmart.   Yay for getting it before running out!
2.  I heard back from the people at Byram and they got an account set up for me and Dexcom sensors ordered!
3.  I got a physical therapy appointment scheduled for the day after we get home. 

I also found a natural back pain reliever (kali carbonicum) at Whole Foods and it seems to be helping.  I priced some CBD oil (Ananda and Charlotte's Web brands) and will be looking into those more. 

I've been trying Swerve since my holistic doctor thinks stevia may be causing my bloating/gas.  So far, things seem to be much better.