Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Answered Prayers

I know I missed a post last week, but this week's post is going to make up for it, I promise.

Many of you know about my race to find a new thyroid doctor since my holistic NP decided my thyroid levels were too erratic for her to figure out.  I went to and found a low carb doctor in my area, contacted him April 22 and explained my situation, and made an appointment to see him May 1.

May 1st came and I took time off from work to go to the appointment.  Dr. McColl was very nice, very happy to hear I was already low carb and looking for a supportive doctor.  After an hour long consultation with him, he said he thought my biggest issue was my thyroid, since I wasn't happy with my endo's care and my holistic NP was dropping me.  I confirmed that yes, that was my biggest worry right now.  He said I was probably going to want to talk to the thyroid specialist they have at their other location, which is actually down the road from where I live.  I totally agreed and I made an appointment to see!

Dr. Hone is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met in the healthcare industry, and she was more than happy to talk to me about thyroid options, all sorts of food tolerance and thyroid testing, Celiac, Type 1, and medications we can try.  She was perfectly fine with keeping me on my current dose for now until we can establish a baseline test so she can see what their labs say about my levels (since they use a different lab than my holistic doctor uses).  I was thrilled to hear that she is even willing to prescribe me insulin since I self-manage and don't use a pump.  She said it doesn't sound like my endo is doing anything that she couldn't do for me, so I can basically drop my endo!!  I was ecstatic!  Dr. Hone also couldn't believe how doctors don't have their diabetic patients on a low carb diet. She was completely fascinated by the law of small numbers and Dr. B, which I explained to her.

I'll be coming in for lab work on May 21 and have an appointment with her to discuss treatment and such June 5.  I am BEYOND THRILLED with how the Lord has worked all of these pieces for me, especially when I thought things were going downhill.  He really was just closing one door to open up a better one!  Lord willing we will have things figured out and smoothed out this year and into next.

One step backward, two steps forward!

Also, just took a home A1C test: