Friday, September 25, 2015

Taming the Strange Roller Coaster

This past week I experienced a strange blood sugar roller I decided to increase my Levemir doses a little to see if that would help to tame those wild numbers.  
 photo 9-25-15_zpsmjsyciag.jpg

I've been taking 8 units of Levemir 3x a day instead of 5 units.

The result?  Today's and yesterday's numbers have been great!
 photo 9-25-15 2_zpsfhrb2vt2.jpg

Today's average so far:  99
Yesterday's average:  103
Sunday's - Wednesday's averages:  120's and 130's

Hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of these numbers as my end of October appointment draws near!  My quarterly average (according to Dexcom Studio) is still sitting pretty at 108, so no change from a week ago.  But that's's still an awesome estimated A1C of 5.4%! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Overdue Update

It's been a month since my last post, so I am way overdue for a new one! 

I had been super busy working my new job for the past 2 months, but that came to an end on September 4th. 

I am now actually excited to say that I have enrolled in the Life Training Institute's Certified Biblical Nutritionist Program!!  This week I've been going through their Christian Counseling course and I've been learning so much about how we as humans were designed and created.  So I am thrilled to be on this path. 

As far as my numbers go...can I get a booya!?

Here are my stats from a month ago:
 photo 8-15-15_zpsune1uxds.jpg

And here are today's stats:
 photo 9-18-15_zpsqfxlxsar.jpg

My glucometer gives a 14 day average of 119mg/dl and a 30 day average of 118mg/dl. 

Estimated A1C:  5.4 - 5.7!!  (Last one done in July was 6.7)

I've had a few unexplained highs but they've pretty much come down quickly with a correction.  Everything has been pretty streamlined for the most part!  With my next appointment coming up at the end of October, I'm excited to see what Carrie will say about my A1C and numbers. 

I am so close to my goal A1C - 4.5 - I can taste it! 

Eating low carb, high fat has literally saved my life.  Thank you, God!