Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ability Potentials Aptitude Test Results

  So the long awaited (ok, so maybe it's only a week's worth) time has come!

A little clarification about these results:
  1. LOW does not mean "fail" and HIGH does not mean "pass."  They simply graph my natural ability in that area.
  2. The results of this test show that I would best be suited for work in the following fields:  Business management (as a manager or assistant manager); Social work; English; Political science/sociology.  Careers that would best suit my strengths are:  A)  Interior designer.  B)  Social worker - hospice, etc.  C)  Office manager/secretary.  D)  Manager of a small shop.  E)  Word processor/paperwork.  F)  Editor.  G)  Community librarian.  H)  Translator.  I)  Tutor. 
  3. It would seem that I would most likely enjoy secretarial or editing/proofreading work, or possibly interior design since I have a high design memory (I remember details about maps and "big pictures") and I am very observant.  My higher-than-average vocabulary lends itself to this and would aid in my proofreading skills.  My visual dexterity (my ability to read and interpret written and visual symbols quickly and accurately) will make any clerical, paperwork or other such assignments that much easier for me.  
  4. I have a high interest in other languages.  It was suggested that I learn Greek, Hebrew, or Latin and possibly work as a tutor in some language capacity.  Calligraphy was also suggested.
  5. I love words as well as languages.  Any job where I can be putting my English and visual abilities to work would be best for me.
  6. As a generalist, I am what is known as the "glue" of a team of people who have the same perspectives and are working toward the same goal.  I am an "Inch deep, mile wide" type of person, meaning I know a little bit about a lot of things (rather than a specialist, who knows a lot about a few things).  I am a peacemaker and am totally fine with delegating work to others as well as getting my own work done.  A job to me is a job, not who I am.  I am a process thinker, meaning I cannot be expected to make snap decisions on the spot.  I need time to process information and outcomes before coming to a conclusion.  I also have a steep learning curve, which means that it may take me a little bit of time to get the hang of something (I try to be a quick learner; I am when I can see, hear, and do something for myself), but once I do I can fly through tasks and assignments with ease after I settle into my niche.
  7. Important things I would need to have in my job are:  Structure, spelled out tasks, set operating procedures (no snap decisions), and a diversity of tasks every day (I'd make a "To-Do" list or use a calendar to keep me on track).  I need to be interacting with people, participating in different activities, and working on a team.        
So, that's me in a nutshell.  What do you think?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Fear or Not To Fear?

 I know I've already done a post about fear, but I just couldn't resist covering this topic in a slightly different way.   

In the midst of all this economic and financial trouble, it is very easy to obey messages such as this, found on the cover of The Economist's October 1, 2011 issue.  In fact, many of us don't need any help from the media when it comes to being fearful because we're already afraid.   Let's face it.  Black holes are scary because they are "unknown" and dangerous to us, which is much how we view the future.  If we don't know that the future holds financial improvement or security, we begin to worry and fear.  When our minds are constantly focused on one thing (like the future), we "make much of" it.  In other words, we worship it.    
I think it's important to remember that, while our economic situation is possibly one of the worst our country has seen since its birth, God is keenly aware of every black hole into which our poor planet is seemingly being pulled.  But it gets better.  Not only is God aware of those black holes, He is in control of them - He holds them in the palm of His hand.     
Nothing we do will loosen His hold on the universe or our lives. 
I've heard it said, "What you fear you worship." 
Do you fear the future? 
Or do you fear God? 
Do you fear the black hole? 
Or do you fear the One who created and holds the black hole in His hand?