Monday, September 29, 2014

Crazy Numbers

I decreased my HIGH alert for the last time.  It now rests at 200.

Today and yesterday I saw some pretty crazy numbers.  I'm not sure what caused them but it felt like everything was going the exact opposite of the previous days with good numbers.  Possibly too many carbs in my diet, or too much exercise?  Stress?  All of the above?  I have been slightly more active so that lends itself to the lows.  I try not to over-correct for them but with how active I've been it's hard to gauge how much sugar I need to raise my blood sugar.

 photo 9-29-14_zpsa9cc174b.jpg

The bedtime highs are the worst because I keep waking up with dry mouth and having to use the bathroom.  I've literally gone from a super low (45) to a super high (361) these past two days.  No real rhyme or reason... *sigh*

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yesterday's numbers - Awesome!

 photo 9-27-14_zps775ebbca.jpg

I had a pretty amazing day yesterday.  I stayed under 200 and in my target range (and even a bit low!) until about 9pm!  I stayed pretty strictly low carb and it did wonders!

I think I experienced the lows because I over-calculated the carbs in my "lunch" around 4:30pm.

A correction last night brought them down and they seem to have stabilized now.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lowering my HIGH alert

 photo 9-21-14_zpsa4552201.jpg

Over the weekend I once again lowered my HIGH alert on my Dexcom G4.  It is now at 250.  I have to say, this slow introduction to the HIGH alert has helped me become even more motivated to keep my numbers under control.  I feel like I haven't been rushed but rather I've been gradually helped along in reaching my goal.  It's a nice feeling - to not be pressured or thrown head-long into an annoyingly overwhelming task.  Easing myself into things has always been my way of adjusting.  I'm so grateful that my diabetes team (especially Carrie) understands that this is a good way to start me off on the Dexcom. 

My next appointment is scheduled for October 9...a little over 2 weeks away.  I wonder what Carrie will say about my numbers.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Staying on top of things

 photo 9-14-14_zpsbde5bdf7.jpg

The other day I set my HIGH alert to 300.  Next week I'll set it down to 250.  The week after that I'll set it down to 200 and leave it there.  I'm really trying to crack down on these high numbers, a little at a time.  So far, I seem to be pretty successful, and eating a low carb diet is going to help me do that.  I had to stay on top of my carb-counting yesterday while I was at a family reunion, but it ended up being pretty easy since most of the food wasn't gluten-free.

I've noticed that my numbers seem to stay pretty steady overnight if I don't eat or bolus beforehand.  This is good.

I'm currently watching my number drop - I may have counted too many carbs this morning for breakfast.  I'm down into the 70s...time to take action.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Really Good Day!

Today has gone exceedingly well for me.  I stayed between 200 and 86 all day.

Really good day photo reallygoodday_zpsaa7639c9.jpg

I think it had something to do with 2 factors:
1.  I have been testing the GC Control shake from Melaleuca, gifted to me by my best friend, Amanda.  :)  It has been clinically proven to improve your blood sugars and your insulin effectiveness by controlling sugar and carbohydrate cravings.  They are also full of chromium, cinnamon, and other yummy nutrients that help to stabilize your blood sugars.  I really want to get more of these shakes after this package runs out!  They are so good!!  

2.  I've been eating low carbs...I think I've literally had 30g today.  I've been eating lots of meat, veggies, and cheese, plus two GC Control shakes.  Because I haven't been eating that many carbs, my numbers have not been spiking like they normally do.  I've only had to bolus for the two shakes, and I haven't had to take any correction injections.  It's been wonderful and I've felt a lot less stressed, albeit a bit tired from all the running around I've done!

Also, I set my HIGH alert to 350 like Carrie told me to last week.   

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rough Day

crazy days photo crazydays_zpsa8e9143d.jpg

Yesterday and today have been pretty rough for me, diabetes-wise.  It was Dexcom Day for me, or the day I'm supposed to change my sensor.  My first sensor was on my right side and seemed to still be holding up pretty well.  I decided to try to make it last a little longer and reset the sensor session.  After a 2 hour wait to recalibrate it, everything seemed to be going fine.  Then, around 8pm, it gave me the alert that it couldn't pick up readings from my sensor.  I waited for about an hour, since it had been able to sort itself out last time.  As bedtime neared, I decided to just go ahead and start over with a new sensor.  I inserted the new sensor on my left side and waited the 2 hour time period for calibration.

Upon calibrating, I noticed that the system wasn't recognizing the correct blood sugar values as it had done the first time.  In fact, it was saying I was low when I was actually in the 160s.  Then, the Dexcom stopped showing me numbers.  I had some tea and bolused for it, and then went to bed around 2am.

I slept off and on, waking up and checking my Dexcom to see what it was doing throughout the night.  It was HIGH all night.

Most of my nights this week have been filled with waking and checking - not very restful!  I'm continually tired and frustrated.

Around 6:40, I woke to my Dexcom telling me my number was still high.  I calculated a correction and gave myself a shot.  As I rolled over to go back to sleep, I had the notion to check my number on my glucometer.  It came back at a shocking 187.  I realized I had just given myself an overdose and ran into the kitchen for more tea and raisins (they have lots of sugar!) to equal the "bolus" I'd just given.  My number stayed safe and I was able to go back to sleep.

Lesson learned.  Always check your meter!  Don't do anything without a fingerstick!  Unfortunately, lack of sleep caused a lapse in judgment this time.

It's just hard because I'm trying to conserve test strips.  I'm not sure when I will be able to get more.  I need to call the pharmacy to see if my endo's new prescription has come in. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Roller Coaster Readings

Today is Day 6 of Dexcom readings.  I now have physical proof of the roller coaster I am riding with my blood sugar numbers.   Now I can clearly see why my numbers have been so frustrating...!!  (the red dots are my glucometer readings - very accurate!)

Dexcom - 6 Days photo BGrollercoaster_zps10582e9a.jpg

My average blood sugar number:  188
My highest blood sugar number:  336
My lowest blood sugar number:  68

I've been experimenting with a slight increase in overnight basal insulin because of a noticed pattern of waking up high.  It seemed to be that my number was rising around 8 am or so.

Three nights ago, I took 11 units of basal insulin, going to bed at 245 (took no correction) and woke up at 4:20 to a low of 72.  6 glucotabs and 2 hours later I was up to 173.

Two nights ago, I took 10 units of basal insulin and went to bed at 170, and woke up the next morning at 8:30 to a big fat 310 after steadily going higher throughout the night.

Last night I took 10.5 units of basal insulin and went to bed at 141.  It seems from there I stayed steady in the 130s for half the night, and then I slowly started to go lower around 4 am.

My alert woke me up this morning at 6:40 to tell me I was 70.  I treated with 2 glucotabs and waited 15 minutes.  At 6:55 I was 68.  I took 2 more glucotabs and waited another 15 minutes.  At 7:15 I was back up to 85 and rising.  I slept off and on until about 10.  It didn't feel all that restful.

And now I'm experiencing my first issue with my sensor.  It is not communicating with the transmitter/receiver.  I am waiting for it to correct itself.  If it goes for another 2 hours without resolving itself, I'll need to call Tech Support.