Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lesson Learned

I learned something this week about how my body responds to manual labor, specifically grooming and tacking up horses and going on trail rides.  
It spikes my blood sugar!

All those spikes in red were the result of that hard work.  I never knew my body was so sensitive to manual labor!  On a high carb diet, being pumped full of tons of insulin, I always dropped like a rock, even if just walking through the mall.  Now my numbers rise when I go shopping and I have to take more insulin.

I felt awful when these spikes occurred.  My mouth was constantly dry, I was drinking tons of water, and I took multiple corrections.  Not fun!   

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Changes and Tests

I found out yesterday that my holistic doctor is taking a very exciting opportunity and moving to a new clinic in a few weeks.  It's out of state so I won't be able to see him anymore, but I plan to stay at his current clinic here in TN and have their NP take over my care.

I'm now in the process of seeing if I can get my labs moved up to an earlier date so he can look over my values one last time before he leaves.  It will be good to see how my thyroid levels are doing, as well as the other tests he wants me to get done.

I'm hoping to get tested for the MTHFR genetic mutation soon.  The test is about $300 so I need to save up for it.  We also want to get a new mattress since ours is way too old.  That will be much easier once I start working!