Thursday, April 25, 2019

Out with the old, In with the new!

On Monday the 22nd, I got a call from the nurse at my holistic doctor's office.  She sounded rushed and frantic, and explained that my thyroid levels were so erratic that my nurse practitioner was no longer going to help me treat my Hashimoto's.

That upset me since it felt like I was losing the only shred of support I have and she said I should let my endo treat me.  Seeing as how my endo wants to not suppress my thyroid and probably put me back on Levothyroxine, I opted to search for a new doctor.

I turned to my diabetic Facebook groups and then received a call from my mom, who suggested the Diet Doctor, Jason Fung.  I searched his website and found a list of low carb doctors.  Only one was listed in TN close to me, so I checked out their website.  I sent him an email right away, and got a nice, lengthy response in half an hour!  Long story short, he's a keto follower himself and said he'd do all the thyroid tests I wanted.  I've got an appointment set up for next Wednesday to see if he'd be a good fit!

What I find interesting is that his practice is unique in that they bill their patients with a monthly membership, instead of running things through insurance.  The cost is low and allows for him to give personalized attention to each member even outside of office hours.  Hopefully he'll be able to help me get my thyroid levels normalized and my blood sugars stabilized so I can get my A1C down.  One step at a time, right? 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Progress report

So I've been doing physical therapy for my back pain since January, and on Monday I will be discharged after my last appointment!  My back is feeling so much better and I'm going to continue to build up my core strength with the exercise program they give me.  Hopefully I'll also be able to get myself a bow and some arrows so I can take up archery again!

On Tuesday I went in to my holistic doctor to get my thyroid labs retested.  It should be sometime next week that I get the results back.  My dose was cut from 120 mg to 90 mg per day.  Wonder how that's been working?

My numbers have been cooperating for the most part.  A few highs every now and then, but I'm trying my best to stay on top of them.  Estimated A1C seems to be about 6.6%.